Upon our offering and your acceptance of a position with WPS, you will be provided with very specific industry sales and company training.
Our powerful training is the beginning of your success. You will initially recieve one day of live webex training online at wisesalestraining.com with a Sales Trainer, we will cover all the basics. The Sales Trainer will first give you your login and password to the site. They will do a live demo online showing you all the program information on our products and services; all the forms needed and examples on how to fill them out. They will also show you where additional training is located such as, power point presentations with audio and sales presentation videos. You will also have easy access to conference calls, in which you will be invited to attend each week for additional training and updates on products and services, plus a forum to talk with other sales representatives will be available. After that you will be overnighted our WPS’s Sales Presentation Audio CD Series, which is detailed below. Next, a Sales Coach will be personally assigned to you. They will be here on a daily basis to help you make sales. They will give you advice when you need it and even immediately drop everything, if need be, to help you close a sale if you are at a merchant location and need a little help getting the deal finalized. They are here to help you with whatever you may need to succeed. Finally, you will receive your business cards, a list of leads to get you started from your own handpicked area, assign you a marketing partner, and a specific detailed plan of action to get you started from day one through the next six-months.
Our Sales Training:
  • Industry Background
  • WPS's History, Mission, Vision, and Philosophy
  • Selling Merchant Services In Today's Marketplace
  • Introduction to Credit, Debit, Check Conversion, Smart Cards, Gift / Loyalty / Cards, Merchant Accounting, and POS Terminals.
  • Introduction to ATM Machines and sales training
  • Introduction to Merchant Capital Funding Programs
  • Introduction to Pre-Paid card products & services
  • Selling small to mid-sized businesses
  • Selling Mail / Phone Order, and Internet based businesses
  • Selling Wireless Merchant Processing
  • Completing Merchant Applications
  • Overcoming / Handling Cost & Price Objections
  • WPS Leasing Training
  • Terminal Programing Training
  • Daily Disposition Requirements & Voicemail Training
  • Prospecting, what works & what doesn't
  • Residuals; how to build them and keep attrition low
  • Maximizing Account Profitability through Selling a Full-Solution
  • Customer Service how to use it to close sales
  • Detailed Paperwork completion instructions
  • Introduction to MAG WPS Online Merchant Application Gateway
  • Introduction to wisesalestraining.com
On-Line Sales Training Tool Kit Includes:
  • New Representative Agreements for WPS Training Manual & Success Book
  • 6-month Detailed New Rep Success Plan
  • Professionally Produced WPS Presentation Flip Book
  • Marketing Materials & Brochures -Merchant Sample Brochure
  • Starter Business Cards (permanent cards shipped after training)
    Typewritten & Audio word-for-word copy of the sales presentation
  • Prospecting Letter Head
  • WPS Letter Head & Envelopes
  • 200-Sales Starter Leads for your own handpicked geographical area
  • Merchant Training Materials & Signage Collateral
  • Paperwork & Sales Materials to get you started immediately
  • Personalized Company Voicemail & Email with Instructions
  • Login ID & Password to Sales Genie® for Lead Generation
  • Marketing Partner Instruction for Lead Generation
  • Demo Terminal Program Details
  • and much more

This secured access to Wisesalestraining.com data site is an easy-to-use, web-based tool allowing sales representatives to view data from WPS’s databases critical to their daily business needs. Wisesalestraining.com provides the ability to create online service requests, download changes, up-sale reports for merchants that may need additional services, marketing materials, and online downloadable forms such as merchant applications and ACH change forms.
WPS's Sales Presentation Audio CD Series contain over four hours of sales training and advice from WPS's President himself, William Wise. With the CD's you will receive a word for word typewritten copy to help you learn and memorize the information more quickly. On the CD series you will cover goal setting all the way to the sales presentation and finally retaining merchants and building a referral relationship. A presentation book also accompanies the CD series. The book outlines the CD's and you can take it with you to your sales appointments to show the merchants all of WPS's products and services we offer.
Click the play button for a sample of the Audio Training Program

WPS's Merchant Application Gateway (MAG) is a breakthrough in state-of-the-art technology! It allows sales representatives to enter merchant applications in the field and receive account approval decisions within minutes. This WPS innovation allows sales affiliates to spend more time selling and less time following up on merchant paperwork.
A real time-saver WPS’s fully Integrated-Merchant-Application allows a sales representative to offer all of our major services on just one simple to complete application. At the end of the presentation when it comes time to enroll a new merchant the sales representative is able to setup Credit, Debit, Check Service, Gift and Loyalty, Equipment and even the download all on one simple streamlined merchant application. After the application is completed, it is entered into MAG for instant approval using WPS’s quick-app entry form. What used to take days now can be done in less then 10-minutes with WPS’s Integrated-Merchant-Application and MAG’s quick-app entry!

In today’s competitive market sometimes it becomes necessary to customize rate categories for merchants, especially businesses who have a high volume and process many different types of transactions. WPS has this covered with our Custom Rate Proposal. Sales representatives typically submit the last 3-months processing statements and WPS will supply a professional competitive quote within 24-hours. We always keep our Merchant Assurance Policy in mind when doing quotes, which states that we will meet or beat rates or pay our merchants $100 if we can't. These things combined help close the sale and serve the merchant needs with specialized pricing for each rate category.

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