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Authorize.Net® provides global payment solutions that enable merchants to process credit card and electronic check transactions worldwide. To compete in the Internet and mobile commerce environments, businesses need to process transactions quickly and securely. Authorize.Net's global payment solutions® ensure both speed and security, providing: Unlimited transactions from nearly anywhere in the world • Scalability to grow with the businesses by supporting an unlimited number of transactions and any business model: Internet, call center, broadband, wireless, and retail • Unrestricted number of users with one account, which is ideal for large sales forces • Experienced technical support 7 days a week Authorize.Net® helps more businesses to process transactions via the Internet than any other payment solutions provider in the world.
Skipjack® provides a robust gateway solution enabling merchants to process credit cards via the Internet. A merchant can easily connect its website to Skipjack via a simple API or use the Virtual Terminal feature for both card not present as well as swiped transaction processing. Retail swiped transactions can be processed with a card reader attached to a PC, available through WPS Sales Office. 

In contrast to other gateway providers, Skipjack's features are included in the base price of the service. This allows you to sell a robust solution at a single price and allows the merchant to choose from the available options. There is no need to upsell or adjust a merchant's price to take advantage of the security features, such as Fraud or Recurring Billing. One low price gets you all of these great features:

  • Fraud Monitoring for additional security in card processing
  • Recurring Transaction processing - popular with subscription type services
  • Batch Upload allows for a simple import of card data for processing
  • Quickbooks plug-in for credit card processing within the Quickbooks software
  • Skipjack mobile for processing credit cards on your Blackberry mobile device
USAepay® is your number one solution for processing retail sales using your existing computer.  By simply attaching a USB or Serial Mag-Reader to a computer and installing the ePay Charge software,the merchant can swipe cards at their computer/laptop and through their existing internet connection authorize retail [swiped] transactions in real-time.
The need for expensive, bulky credit card machines are gone.  The evolution of the internet in business makes it clear that it is truly cost-effective and efficient for the merchant to use their existing computer/laptop to process credit cards. Usine ePay Charge software with a DSL/Cable connection cuts the transaction time down to 2-3 seconds. The software also allows multi-users with different levels of access and multi-merchant accounts to run off one copy. 
Whether a merchant needs to process transactions in the field or over the phone WPS has it covered. Mail Order / Telephone Order (MOTO) merchants enjoy the ability to process transactions in the same terminal as they process retail card transactions. That's thanks to WPS’s multi-merchant capability. Multi-merchant capability enables up to 10 different merchant numbers in one device. This is great for the merchant who has multiple businesses at one location or any merchant who wants to qualify his or her transactions at the best possible rate by running them through correctly under a MOTO account. Additionally WPS offers merchants the ability to process transactions via our Audio Response Unit (ARU) this effectively enables any phone anywhere to serve the same functionality as a card reader machine, authorizing and capturing the sale anywhere, anytime, on any phone.

Processing Mail Order / Phone Order and key-entered Internet transactions has never been easier for small businesses when using the Verifone Omni 3700 series terminals. Merchants have the ability to verify the cardholder billing address using Address Verification Service (AVS) and the validity of the card using, Card Value Validation Level 2 (CVV2).
Please contact us at sales@wisepaymentsystems.com for more information.

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