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Sometimes businesses need extra cash for remodeling, expansion, marketing you name it. Through our Wise Merchant Advance program we have access to up to $150,000 for any reason based upon their current credit card sales. Merchants who need capital can receive it fast in as little as ten days without singing a personal guarantee or taking out a loan. Our merchant funding program is not a loan, but rather an advance of the merchant’s future credit card receivables. Our merchants love the ability to get money when they need it with our Wise Merchant Advance Program.

Simple Sales Process
  • Referral program allows sales rep to focus on merchant processing and core products.
  • Internal “closers” do the work. Sales Rep gets the credit for the advance.
  • On-line tools allow Wise’s Sales Reps to track the merchant through the underwriting process.
How it works:

Wise Merchant Advance provides a simple solution that allows them to convert their future credit card receivables to cash.

  1. You submit a simple 3 minute application for review.
  2. If approved, Wise Merchant Advance provides unsecured funds within 10 business days.
  3. There is no fixed monthly payment. A small percent of their credit card sales repays Wise Merchant Advance.


Over 85% of Wise Merchant Advance's eligible merchants renew.

Q. How does a merchant qualify for Wise Merchant Advance financing?
A. Qualifying requirements are minimal. They just need to show us that: i) Their business accepts credit card payments, and that they have at least $2,500 a month in Visa and MasterCard sales. ii) They meet our basic underwriting requirements.

Q. What if they already have a business loan?

A. Our product is an advance, not a loan. As long as they meet our requirements, we can still provide you with immediate cash, without affecting their other obligations.

Q. Does Wise Merchant Advance look at personal credit history, and will it affect the credit report?

A. Our business-friendly scoring method includes a review of their personal credit, but it does not require personal guarantees, and will not affect their credit report.

Q. How are the payments determined, and what is the finance rate charged for this service?

A. The best thing about Wise Merchant Advance cash advance is that there are no fixed payments. WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN THEY MAKE A SALE. The money they receive is an advance against their estimated future monthly sales. There is no finance charge. We simply take a previously agreed upon percentage of their future sales until their account with us is settled. It’s that simple.

Q. How do they keep track of their payments?

A. They will receive a monthly statement. In addition, with a member password soon they will be able to log onto our website to view their payment history, track their daily transactions and see their remaining unpaid balance.


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