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With Wise Check, our sales representatives enjoy a unique opportunity and advantage over the competition. Wise's check conversion with guarantee program allows merchants to accept checks "Just like a Credit Card", the funds are guaranteed and directly deposited into the business's checking account electronically. This means no more trips to the bank or deposit fees, no more NSF check fees and no costly delays in funding. With approximately 13 billion in checks each year spent in the United States, there is a huge market for Wise Check's service and it is growing by an estimated 2% annually. Wise also offers traditional paper check guarantee, recurring ACH, and ARC lockbox services. For more information please click the following links:

Check 21+ With Guarantee http://www.wisechecktraining.com/

Everday over 1 million checks are returned for non-sufficient funds. The new electronic re-presentment rules (RCK) allow businesses to substantially improve the collection process by electronically re-presenting NSF check items. Electronic re-presentment is not only more efficient for the business, but is also easier on the customer as it reduces the amount of time and effort involved in resolving a returned item. By utilizing the RCK processing on returned items, you may see 25% to 35% increase over conventional collection methods. Advantages: No sign-up fee. • No limit on the number of checks. • No cost for special equipment. • No long term contract to sign. Benefits: All collected checks are paid weekly. • Out of town checks are handled as easily as local checks. • Each item will show up independently on the customer’s bank statement. • Each item is clearly identified which helps eliminate customer service problems.

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