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In America today a business needs to accept VISA®and MasterCard® to be competitive and profitable. WPS’s experience since 1998 in processing VISA® and MasterCard® ensures our merchants that they will have the most industry compliant, reliable, secure transactions possible. Some of our security features include Card Value Validation Level 2 (CVV2) • Last-four card digits verification • Address Verification Service (AVS) • password protected terminal applications • truncation of all but the last four-card digits • auto-close • reverse plural interface processing or (reverse PIP) • 24/7/365 monitoring of all card transactions for fraud and suspicious activity to help protect merchants from costly chargebacks. 


WPS has a direct relationship with American Express® and Discover® this allows WPS to directly access and setup new accounts for merchants who choose to accept these additional cards. American Express® and Discover® are included on the WPS Integrated Merchant Application and once approved, WPS programs the merchants POS software or equipment and processes these transactions for the merchant. In addition, WPS also processes JCB®, Diners Club®, Voyager® and Wright Express® cards.

Pin-based debit transactions are transactions where consumer is required to enter his or her four-digit personal identification number or PIN, much like an Automated Teller Transaction ATM, except at the point of sale. Pin-based debit transactions allow merchants to accept bank-issued ATM cards as well; these are cards that are not branded with the VISA® or MasterCard® logos. Pin-based transactions function on-line as a direct debit authorization and capture from either a personal or business checking or savings account. Pin-based transactions carry a flat transaction fee verses that of a credit card transaction which carries a percentage rate and transaction fee. Merchants who accept pin-based debit, accept the most secure form of payment with often times the lowest possible cost of any card-based sale. Pin-based transactions also allow the merchant to offer cash back to the consumer if they so choose. WPS supports all major debit networks allowing merchants to take advantage of this more secure and lower cost transaction. The following is a list of most debit networks supported by WPS: Shazam® • InterLink® • Star® • Explore® • Maestro® • PulsePay® • NYCE® • MAC® • TYME® • BankMate® • AFFN® • Honor® • Cash Station®

Knowing the difference may save a business thousands of dollars in processing fees, open the door to higher average tickets, significantly improved profits and increased sales ratios. 50% Pin-debit / ATM* cardholders prefer Pin-secured debit to signature debit. According to STAR® the largest debit network in the United States with over 100 million US cardholders. *STAR® statistical data in 2004.

Pin-Secured Debit (On-line)

Signature-Based Debit (Off-line)

Requires Pin Number

DOES NOT Require a Pin Number

DOES NOT Require a Signature

Requires Signature

SECURE Transaction

UNSECURED Transaction

NOT Subject to Chargeback

Subject to Chargeback

Cost = Flat Transaction Fee

Cost = Discount % + Transaction Fee

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