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Thank you for your interest in Wise Payment Systems. With WPS, you will work with one of the most advanced merchant service providers in the country, through our affiliation with our sponsor together we process more than 30 billion annually, for more than 260,000 businesses nationwide. Since 1998, WPS has attracted and kept the best of the best. We have had the privilege of working with great people, building lasting relationships, and keeping our promises. Our Vision is, “Be a great Company. Always.”  Be great with us, join WPS!
     The best career decision I ever made for my family and I was creating WPS in 1998. Doing so has allowed me to work with some of the most highly skilled salespeople and business professionals in the country. My name is William Wise and I am the President and CEO of Wise Payment Systems, INC (WPS) a registered ISO/MSP of First National Bank of Omaha, Omaha, NE. WPS has enjoyed tremendous success collaborating with FNBO as our sponsor bank, and over the years enrolling thousands of new accounts. Our office functions as a service, sales, and marketing organization for FNBO. We offer all the products and services of FNBO and much more, including pre-paid cards, ATM machines, POS systems and software, and merchant capital funding programs to name a few.
     WPS and our sales representatives call on businesses across the United States on a daily basis to solicit new merchant accounts, offer consulting services, service existing accounts, and sell additional products and services to merchants. Once we enroll a new account with WPS, we program merchant POS equipment and software to process Credit, Pin-Debit, EBT, Voyager, Wright Express, Check Services, Business Purchasing Cards, ATM Transactions, Gift & Loyalty Transactions, and Pre-Paid Transactions. Lastly, we train the merchants on the acceptance of these products and continually service all their needs on an ongoing basis through our 24/7/365 customer service department.
     WPS is strategically expanding into new markets, and we are seeking candidates with a minimum 2+ years sales experience who would enjoy outside sales to fill these positions. We are willing to train newcomers to the industry and in fact encourage them! Over the years, because there are no old habits to break, we have found that a newcomer to the industry is far more able to easily adapt and learn the WPS selling style, values and beliefs. When we consider an applicant, we are looking for the demonstrated ability of five key character traits we consider essential for success in our industry.  
  • Integrity
  • Stewardship
  • Tenacity
  • Willingness to go the extra mile
  • A genuine concern for the success of our merchants’ businesses
     We are only looking for sales individuals who are willing to devote their full-time attention to this career, those seeking part-time or a second position in addition to another primary position would likely not be a good fit for our sales organization.

     If you are chosen to join WPS’s sales team, you will be required to attend our initial 1-day live webex training session with a sales trainer. We will cover the website, wisesalestraining.com, that has everything you will need to start selling the same day you start your new career with us at WPS. During this training, we will share our presentation and selling system that has allowed WPS to successfully sell thousands of accounts across the United States. During this 1-day intensive training you will receive your presentation book, an audio CD Series of WPS’s sales presentation, a typewritten word-for-word model of the presentation, who our target market is, how to get leads, instruction on our telemarketing department, access to our on-line sales resources, business cards, instruction on handling objections, paperwork training, detailed explanation on our compensation, bonus plans and much more.
    If chosen to join or team, when you finish this training, you will be ready to hit the street and begin closing sales immediately with confidence. You will be a true merchant services consultant. In fact, you will probably know more than your local banker, who coincidentally is also a potential customer of WPS with our agent bank program. You will know that you have all the right facts and information and exactly how to:  
  1. Increase businesses' profits
  2. Improve sales ratios
  3. Increase average tickets
  4. Reduce losses and liabilities
  5. Guarantee customers come back
  6. Cut costs and overhead 
The Learning Curve / Merchant University
    Predictably, following our initial training a new representative will go through a dramatic learning curve. Starting a new career in merchant services opens the door to a vast market; in fact, there are over 5 million small to mid-sized businesses right now in the United States with more opening everyday. Our primary market is existing businesses that already accept credit cards. Since our system is so powerful and we bring so much value in additional products and services to these businesses, they understand the value and we enjoy an over 50% closing ratio, once we have set the initial appointment and have gone back to give the full-presentation. WPS enrolls many new businesses too, but the most profitable sale is calling on a business that already understands the basics of card acceptance and wants to build, grow, and become more profitable by adding additional services.
     The Learning Curve or Merchant University is the next stage for a new representative. This is when many sales people deviate from the full-presentation and sales decrease. Almost always, immediately following the initial sales training, sales skyrocket for a new representative. What we like to call “Merchant University”, is when a new representative starts trying to do everything the merchant’s way and not the way they were trained. Following the sales presentation, simply stated, WORKS, and the opposite is also true! This leads me to the next point.
On-Going Training and Retraining
    When WPS makes a decision to choose you, we stand behind you each and every day. We know from years of experience you will need support, motivation, incentives, and additional training. This is why all new WPS representatives must attend a mandatory retraining of the basics within their first 6-months. Representatives will also attend and participate in frequent one-on-one training via the phone, web-based seminars, conference calls, meetings with business development managers, ride-along sales calls, and classroom style training throughout their career with WPS. This effectively puts an end to Merchant University and begins to cement the foundation for my next point.
Long-Term Success
     We are committed to your success. It is a simple formula. Everyone in the organization counts, for WPS’s success there must be support for every level including the newest member of our team, all the way to the most experienced. It is our commitment to you! WPS’s business philosophy is “the sales representative is the number one customer.” At WPS we take that seriously, if we make a commitment to allow you to join our team we want you to be successful. We expect you to do your part. Merchant service consultants and sales representatives in this industry on average earn well into the six-figure income level. Sure, it takes hard work, but it pays off in the form of long-term residuals and referrals! Nothing good comes easily and you will get exactly what you put into it. However, one thing is for sure, with WPS, “Opportunity = Success” is true.

    The average sales representative devotes 40-45 hours per week with approximately 30-35 of those hours face-to-face with prospects either making presentations and closing sales or doing merchant training and installations. If we were to choose you for this sales position you would be expected to follow a sales presentation for which we will provide complete training, call in or email a daily report of your actions each day via voicemail to a business development manager, abide by a code of ethics set forth by WPS, and enroll new business. In addition, we are looking for certain leadership characteristics in individuals whom we choose for these positions to, in time, with experience, promote to management and mentor programs for other new representatives.
     A person I hold in the highest regard once told me, "Bill, to be successful you must Listen, Comprehend and Apply." Sounds so incredibly simple, doesn’t it? However, after all of my years of training sales representatives, I have come to understand, many are able to do the first two, it is the “Apply,” or said differently, “Take Action,” where many fail. Selling merchant services can be incredibly rewarding, both financially and personally. It could be the career, you had been searching for, for years! I invite you; carefully look over the rest of this web site study the products and services, signing bonus, compensation plan, and the additional income and incentives. Once you have, if you feel you may be a fit submit your resume. Once we receive your resume, we will carefully consider you and contact you if we feel you are an appropriate match.

Warm Regards,
William Wise
President / CEO
Wise Payment Systems, INC.

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