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Custom Medical Card Acceptance Signage
Improved Payment Speed & Accuracy
Lower Billing Costs and Higher Payment at the Time of Service
Higher Patient Retention
Online Detailed Reporting
The $2 trillion healthcare industry is expected to double by 2015 with expenditures representing $0.20 of every U.S. dollar spent.1
To control rising costs, consumer-driected health plans with high-deductibles are shifting paymnet responsibility onto patients. To pay their bill patients will require non-cash/check solutions; this is a great opportunity for credit cards.
Lowered discount rates for new doctors/dentists enrolling for card acceptance.
Healthcare specific card acceptance logos and payment options.
Please contact us at sales@wisepaymentsystems.com for more information.
1"How Consumer-Driven Health Plans Will Affect Your Practice," Family Practice Managment, March 2006, p. 71

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