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ďIíve been with Wise Payment Systems, Inc. for a little over a year now, and enjoy waking up every day and working.   I owned a few nail salons and worked at them before getting into the merchant services industry and just didnít enjoy it anymore.  I wanted something I enjoyed doing every day, so I could do my best all the time and not get burnt out. One day I decided to look in the yellow pages and I came across the ad for Wise Payment Systems, Inc.  It sounded perfect for me. I have been able to find my niche in this industry by using my old nail salon connections.  I enjoy sales and the socializing with people every day.  Every day is different and I love that about this job, Iím never in just one spot.  I have finally found the career that not only financially rewards me, but mentally rewards me as well.Ē       

Calvin Lam    

Avon, Indiana

Sales Agent since 2007

"When I first started working for WPS, I was looking for a career. Since joining WPS, Iíve found a rewarding and challenging career. Iíve found that every day brings something new and itís just as fulfilling as the first time I helped a merchant solve a problem. When WPS says they focus on customer service, they truly mean and follow through on their promises. This makes my job easier because my merchants know what to expect when they call in with questions. WPS has also enabled me to meet and exceed all of my financial goals. I feel the Credit Card Processing Industry is a wonderful field to work in, because of the popularity of all types of cards among consumers. I know this industry will be around for a long, long time."
Helen Bruner
Midland, Pennsylvania
Sales Agent since 2005

 "I started with Wise Payment Systems back in 2000. It has been six fast years. When I started, I wasn't looking for a career change. I was earning good money and my wife and I just had our first child, but I saw an ad in the local Sunday paper and I thought that it sounded too good to be true. Skeptical but curious, I sent in my resume just to see what it was about. Three days later, I received a call from the president of the company wanting to know what my plans where for the next five years. I told him I didn't know, because my wife and I just had our first child and I was unsure about changing jobs since I had a salary and if I accepted the position I would be moving to commission only. After talking to my wife and examining the opportunity, I decided to attend the training class, but in the back of my mind, I still wasnít looking for a job or a career change. Not knowing anything about the business, I just kept thinking if this is true I could earn a lot of money.

So after the three-day training class I went back home to my old job but I just had a feeling that I just needed to try it and see what happens. So to make a long story short, I resigned my former position and went to work for WPS full-time. Now, six-years later I am glad that I made a career change and tried the credit processing industry.

Since I have been with WPS, I have had offers from other companies. I have looked at other processors out there and I am still with WPS today because when they say that they are going to do something, they follow through and do it. I know that I am going to be compensated for all the accounts that I have sold, service, and maintain for the long-term. I love what I do. I love the daily challenge of helping merchants when they have a problem and showing them the resolution."

Tim George
Fort Smith, Arkansas
Sales Agent since 2001

"After working in a number of different industries over the years coming across Wise Payment Systems was like discovering gold, and hitting the mother load! It has proved to be not only a wonderfully challenging career choice, but has greatly rewarded me financially as well. While the size of the up front commissions never stop ďwowing me,Ē the many residual income opportunities are no less exciting! My future has never looked brighter!"

Jesse Bruce
West Plains, Missouri
Sales Agent since 1999

"I have been a chef for the past 11 years and recently made the move to sell merchant services with Wise Payment Systems, Inc. Being very familiar with the restaurant business, I have had tremendous success in dealing with the processing needs of this industry. This career change has offered me more quality time for myself and  my two daughters. I really enjoy working with and helping business owners. It has been a very rewarding decision."

Lucas M. Trinosky
Indianapolis, Indiana
Sales Agent since 2006

ďWhen I first heard about Wise Payment Systems, I was retired from both the postal service and the military.  I was selling life insurance part time.  The life insurance industry was slow, so a friend named Earl Rose, who was working for Wise Payment Systems, referred me.  He said, itís easier than life insurance; not that selling merchant services is easy, but itís just different in a good way.  It has been a very challenging and rewarding change in my life that Iím glad I made.Ē

Rex Perkins

Waxhaw, North Carolina

Sales Agent since 2007           

ďI heard about Wise Payment Systems through a friend of mine, Calvin Lam.  He told me they were a great place to work and he really enjoyed it.  I owned a Chinese restaurant at the time, but thought I would be able to succeed more as a merchant services sales representative, so I applied for the position and got it.  Iím glad I made the switch because it has really paid off for me financially and Iím a lot happier.Ē

Bing Yang

Carmel, Indiana

Sales Agent since 2007 

To whom this may concern;


I personally want to take this time to thank our Rep Response and Customer support team. I have managed, supervised and worked with many customer support teams over the years but, I must say, we have some, if not the best customer service support personnel Iíve had the pleasure working with.


As a new Business Development Manger directly representing Wise Payment Systems and NPC that it is a great feeling when I look into the face of a potential client and say honestly, without doubt that we have the best supporting staff and customer service in the industry. Theyíve helped me open doors, and close deals and didnít even know it. Thank you!


I hope this e-mail reaches those that support us on a daily basis. Someone needs to tell these groups, great job and keep it up. You make our job easier.


Keith Dougan
Kansas City, MO
Sales Agent since 2009

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